Root for… Parsnips! The Other White Vegetable

Last Monday, Quinciple graced my home with the most delicious root vegetable that at first glance, resembles a weird wrinkly dirty white carrot; AKA: THE PARSNIP. These parsnips in particular were from Pete’s Greens farm in Craftsbury, VT. I don’t know about everyone else, but this was my first encounter with the parsnip.  Unofficially categorized as a “white”vegetable, parsnips, like potatoes get a bum rap as “starchy vegetables,” but they are also high in fiber, vitamin C, and potassium. A recent article in the NYT claims that parsnips are the trending vegetable in Paris right now!  What are you waiting for? (Oh right, the recipe! duh!)  

Potato Vs. Parsnip:

Parsnip CalFP cals

Knowing very little about these root monsters, I followed the directions provided in the box:

Peel off the tough skin

Cut off the end and the tip

Dice into equal 1/4 in squares

Drizzle EVOO

Salt and Peppa those pieces

Place on baking sheet

Pop in oven at 400 Deg F for 15-20 minutes



They turned golden brown and crispy, and tasted like salty sweet perfection. This weekend I of course ran to a nearby grocery store for more. Although there is nothing as delicious as farm fresh, the “non-local” parsnips were still delicious! I served them as a side to compliment an over easy fried egg and buttered rustic bread {Que: Mouth Water!} 


Don’t hesitate to share your favorite parsnip recipes with me and the gang!

xoxo MCN


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