Brown Stains……. In the Le Creuset Dutch oven!

So, if you love cooking, I’m sure you’re pretty much OBSESSED with your Le Creuset 5L dutch oven. Mine is blue, or “lapis” as Le Creuset has christened the color name. So, it wasn’t a surprise that I was upset when I stained the bottom brown (like really, ugly brown) after sauteing vegetables. After scrubbing and scrubbing and soaking and soaking with  HOT soapy water, I gave in and figured the pan, although extremely “clean”, was doomed to be stained brown forever. I used it several times since the staining, always annoyed that my beloved pan was in a sense, ruined. BUT THEN!


I was recently shopping around for cast iron skillets. While doing my research, I came across a bunch of articles of how to season, clean, and care for a cast iron skillet. Because the skillets need to retain their seasoning, which accumulates with each use, they cannot be cleaned with soap. One article suggested cleaning tough stain with course salt and white vinegar. QUE: AHA MOMENT! I had been cleaning my dutch oven all wrong! I poured a small handful of Kosher salt and 2 tablespoons of white vinegar into the dutch oven. Using a soft kitchen sponge, I (WITH HARDLY ANY ELBOW GREASE!) wiped away the brown stains! My dutch oven is like new again… every. single. time! BAM!


xoxo MCN


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