Weekend Brunch Date 

Place: Bouchon Bakery

Time: Saturday 1:30 PM

Location: Time Warner Center Building 3rd floor; Columbus Circle, NYC

My parents came to visit this past Saturday as they often do, and of course I always feel obligated (in the best sense of the word) to make sure they have fun and of course, eat delicious food. They arrived Saturday morning, bagels and candy in hand along with some really cute Easter deco to help me spruce up our apartment for the spring Holiday (I, unfortunately, am not the best decorator/ interior designer- I like to channel my creative side in the kitchen 😉 ).

Side note: When I refer to a non descriptor “me” “we” “our” “us” etc., I’m talking about my significant other and myself. From now on, I will refer to him simply, as “A” so as not to confuse anyone. 

A (see side note) was consumed with work on this particular Saturday, so it was up to me to find a fun place to hang out. Mind you it was pouring rain and not exactly warm outside. After hanging out and catching up for a bit in the apartment, we traveled to Grand Central Station area and the Flatiron first to check out a couple of places, we then found our selves hungry. I had wanted to bring my parents to Bouchon Bakery after being introduced to the place a couple of weekends before by a good friend who lives in the area. This is a great spot to entertain visitors. It is located in Columbus Circle, on the south west corner of Central Park. AND it is right smack in the middle of basically a mid to high end “mall” so to speak.  When I went a few weeks ago on the same day at the same time, the wait for the same party size was only about 5 minutes. This Saturday however, we did wait for an hour. I blame the rain. The upside is that there is a lot to entrain yourself with in the meantime. While we waited, we enjoyed coffee and pastries from the “to go” Bouchon bakery (which all three were super yummy) located just adjacent to the sit down part of the restaurant. We sat at a high top table and admired the view. OMG I forgot to tell you about the view! It’s the best part (maybe- the food is quite good). The restaurant is open style in the middle of the time warner center, looking over columbus circle. You can watch all the people and cabs humming about on the street.

Once we sat, the food and the service was spectacular. We each order either a mimosa or Prosecco, and the bread basket they serve is to DIE FOR! I’m not being dramatic- I only speak the truth. The bread- both whole grain and white rolls- are crusty on the outside and warm, soft and fluffy on the inside. They serve these delicious rolls with soft SALTY butter. OMG YUM… I want to go there right now! …. anywayyys… We enjoyed  bib salad with chicken, lentil soup, pulled pork, and the egg salad open faced tartine. Last time I visited I had the pastrami tartine which was also AH-MAZING!.  I highly recommend this place. We hung out, were never rushed, and had a great time.

Please share with me your experience if you try it out!

xoxo MCN


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To put it simply: A Food Journey- From my kitchen to yours… <3 Through NYC and Beyond <3 Come, mangia with me!
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