Malaysian Persuasion in NYC

The Restaurant: RASA

Location: Greenwich Village, NYU area

The after dinner hangout: ANALOGUE (same location)

Once every few weeks we double date with out most favorite and fun couple ever. We were overdue, and wanted to try something different. I picked Rasa, in the Greenwich Village, because I have only had Malaysian food a few times in my adult life (I think), and none of which were particularly memorable (Obviously! If I can’t even remember!). I’m not very familiar with the cuisine, and wanted a little adventure (I know this isn’t exactly “adventurous” food, but I wanted a change in palate, OK!). Something a little spicy maybe?! Reviews of Rasa are good. It is a fairly new restaurant- opened in December 2013. Reviews raved about the service and food was supposed to be yummy and authentic  Malaysian cuisine. Chef Tommy Lai is a native Malaysian who grew up in a small town that the restaurant is named after, Rasa, which actually means, “taste” in Malay. Isn’t it ironic, don’t ya think (90’s baby! couldn’t help it!)? 🙂

We rolled up at our 7 pm reservation 10 minutes late, of course. The street that Rasa is located, West 8th st., reminds me of a “Main Street” in those little suburban towns. There are no high-rises on the street, and it is dotted with  quaint shops. Of course there is a Chipotle tucked in there, but it’s hard to find a street in NYC where there is not!

Here is what we ordered:

They have really good cocktails. The boys ordered beer, my friend ordered a white peach Sangria which has raspberries trapped inside tiny ice cubes! They were really cute. I ordered a Lychee Mojito which was delicious, strong, and not too sweet:

For appetizer’s we ordered the Rasa Tapas which included: 3 each of Curry Puffs, Dumpling Fritters, and Veggie Spring Rolls. Each were fried and the Curry Puffs and Dumpling Fritters were the best of the three. The spring rolls, which I usually love, were a little tasteless. We also ordered the Satay Chicken bites which were really tasty! I highly recommend. (I have to apologize for not providing any photos of our apps. EPIC FAIL on my part I’m sorry!).

For Dinner, A and I split the Pad Thai, which was the perfect amount of sweet Vs. Salty (I hate when Pad Thai is too sweet), Chili Crab with Fried Mantou

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For dessert we of course had to get the Mochi (it’s me favorite!). Usually the order comes with 3 pieces of either green tea OR red bean mochi, but since we wanted to try both, they gave us 4 pieces cut in half: 2 green tea and 2 mochi. The staff was in fact extremely accommodating and the food arrived in perfect sync. The water kept filling and the cocktails kept coming. Which inevitably lead us east down the street a few doors to Analogue for after dinner drinks (we were all being sort of bad on a “school night”). Analogue, which we have been to on a few occasions before, has a very loungy relaxed atmosphere with plenty of plush sofas to sit during the week days. The weekends it is more of a scene and harder to sit down, but still fun. It’s a good place to go with friends- there is good music but it is not so loud where you can’t chat. It is also easy to go in and out of (that’s what he said! ah!) if you happen to be a smoker (although don’t smoke right in front of the restaurant, the owner will have a conniption- to the side please!).

Side note: I am NOT a smoker- not even in a social or causal or drinking sense- but a majority of my friends are. Just thought I needed to share that.



  • 25 W 8th St b/t 5th Ave & Mac Dougal St in Greenwich Village


  • 19 W 8th St b/t 5th Ave & Mac Dougal St in Greenwich Village

curry puffs, dumpling fritters and veggie spring rolls 


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