Sushi Nakazawa

 Sushi Nakazawa

West Village, New York City

It’s time for me to discuss with you the best meal I have had ever so far in my life (Confession: I feel a little like I’m supposed to say this about my dinner at Sushi Nakazawa, although it is, for the most part, true). I would at least put it in the top 3 high end meals. Top sushi for sure.

Side note: Honestly, the best meal I’ve had in my life as of this moment was like 2 weekends ago:  Umami Burger’s Truffle Burger- Don’t judge me… or tell anyone! In fact I’m a little embarrassed (ok A LOT embarrassed) that I’m even telling you this as I review Sushi Nakazawa! It must be food blasphemy of some sort! I must be cognitively impaired at the moment!) I was also starving and status post (I’m a nurse remember) an INTENSE  Flywheel ride. ) But I digress… Here’s a photo to get your attention back:


My lovely and talented reservationist (I made this word up, but it’s very fitting- she plans and reserves almost all of our large-number-of -people hard-to-get-a-reservation-for-lots-of-friends meals)  friend was able to make a reservation exactly one month to the day beforehand by literally calling Sushi Nakazawa every single day at noon O’ one for what seemed like an eternity. This was only after I gave up staying awake until midnight and trying to get a table via Opentable at midnight O’one. She finally got through, begged, pleaded and cried, and was granted a reservation for 4 people. Because you can only make a reservation for 2 people at the sushi bar, we opted for a table reservation (max 4 people), and, let’s be honest, we probably would have had a much harder time getting the sushi bar anyway. It is also more expensive to sit at the sushi bar for roughly the same dinner.

This place is SUPER hot right now for 2 reasons. One, is that the Chef, Daisuke Nakazawa, was Jiro Ono’s (小野 二郎) apprentice of sorts. In the 2011 documentary, “Jiro Dreams of Sushi,” it takes Mr. Nakazawa years to perfect tamago, AKA: fish custard. When he finally does, Jiro gives his approval and Mr. Nakazawa is overwhelmed with joy! Two, is that Pete Wells, food critic for NYT, gave it 4 (FOUR!) stars! Basically unheard of. The omakase is a set 20 course meal, with the option to add additional dishes if you are still hungry at the end. There is no menu. We also ordered the Sake pairing- totally worth it! Only $40 per person! And they serve you delicious intoxicating sake out of huge (at least one liter) sake bottles. I have never seen sake bottle so big!

Here is a photo presentation of the delicious Omakase, artfully created by the extremely talented and now famous chef, Daisuke Nakazawa. (I apologize for not remembering the name of the fish. Remember, we had the sake pairing as well. I also (gulp) didn’t get a photo of the tamago. Again, I blame the sake pairing.):


Fancy (or not?) chopsticks.


This is my favorite piece. So prettttyyyy!!!


Actually, wait… maybe this was my favorite.


I’m pretty sure this was tuna.


Uni! (I make A eat my Uni, I’m not really a fan. Although I tried a nibble. Still not a fan.


This was the absolute BEST ikura (salmon roe).


Scallop (I believe from Washington Stat)


Ugh.. YUM! I want to go back. How perfect is that salmon (right)?


This is the extra plate ordered. How beautifully cut is the piece on the right? Perfectly grilled! GORGEOUS!


Here it is again, up close. LOVE IT!

Are you hungry yet? Have you set your phone alarm to take a stab at making a reservation? Good luck to you!


Sushi Nakazawa

  • 23 Commerce Stb/t S 7th Ave & Bedford St in West Village
  • Phone number(212) 924-2212

xoxo MCN


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